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Big Day of Giving 2019
24 Hours to Help 86 Kids

Big Day of Giving banner

Big Day of Giving is a BIG chance to help provide free food literacy classes to 86 at-risk elementary kids in Sacramento. Our students are building healthy habits that they will use to build a healthier future. Their future starts with you!


Food Literati Members Bring Citrus Smiles to Kids
This is an example of what your generous donation towards our mission supports.


Inspires a kid to taste a new veggie (attitude change).


Inspires a kid to make a new recipe & learn knife skills (knowledge change).


Gives a kid one year of tasting, cooking, and eating new fruits and vegetables.


Empowers a kid to ask an adult for fruits and vegetables to eat outside of food literacy class.


Helps build mission capacity to continue scaling and reach more kids.


Food Literacy Hero
Rick Mahan with a Food Literacy Center kid

Rick Mahan

Food Literacy Center is extremely fortunate to have the ardent support of one of Sacramento’s premier chefs, Rick Mahan, chef/owner of restaurants OneSpeed and The Waterboy. Over the years, Rick and his chefs have participated in many Food Literacy Center events, including this year’s Broccoli HQ Night during the Sacramento Food Film Festival, and his restaurants were one of our first donate to help us expand our program to more schools. Food Literacy Center is peach proud to present an invisible cape to our latest superhero Rick Mahan!


Our school programs

We teach weekly after-school programs in the Sacramento area and help kids develop healthy habits while they are young.


Food Literacy Academy

Join fellow healthy food ambassadors in our community and help bring food literacy education to local schools.

Featured video

Falling in Love with Healthy Food

Falling in Love with Healthy Food

Our students fall in love with healthy food! We provide 14 weeks of free food literacy classes for at-risk elementary students at low-income school in Sacramento. Donate today.

Supported by Mariani Nut Company. Produced by Thomas Ferrous.

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