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Naming Opportunities
Cooking School & Urban Garden

Naming opportunities at the new Food Literacy Center offers brand and personal recognition that showcases your community engagement. Your support will help us build the next generation of healthy kids!

Naming Opportunities PDF

Exclusive Keystone Opportunities – $25,000 to $250,000

Student Garden & Farm: $250,000
Sponsorship of outdoor student garden & farm
5 years of recognition 

Studio Kitchen: $60,000
Logo on backsplash of kitchen used for social/video content
3 years of recognition

SOLD - Cooking Classroom: $25,000
Hands-on cooking classroom for 30 students
2 years of recognition

Cooking school rendering

$7,500 to $20,000 Opportunities

Sacramento River Walkway: $20,000 - Help us build it!
Major pathway through the garden
3 years of recognition

Sierra Nevada Adventure Trail: $20,000 - Help us build it!
Play/activity area with adventure style play structures
3 years of recognition

SOLD – Kitchen Garden: $10,000
Adjacent to the cooking classroom & patio for kids to gather veggies & herbs for class
3 years of recognition

SOLD – Outdoor Classroom/Patio: $10,000
Outside patio adjacent to cooking classroom & kitchen garden
2 years of recognition

Commercial Kitchen: $10,000
On entry door of kitchen that allows us to deliver programs at other Title 1 schools, viewable from classroom
2 years of recognition

Other $10,000 options: California Cactus Garden, Coastal Sensory Garden, Central Valley Micro Farm

Grapevine Grove: $7,500Help us build it!
Variety of table grape plants & growing trellis
3 years of recognition 

Citrus Grove: $7,500Help us build it!
Variety of citrus for students to use in cooking classes
3 years of recognition

Water Feature: $7,500Help us build it!
A central focus point in the coastal sensory garden to provide tranquility for students
3 years of recognition 

Other $7,500 options: pear & apple grove, stone fruit grove, greenhouse, pizza oven & pizza garden

Garden Rendering
Garden rendering

$1,500 to $5,000 Opportunities

SOLD – Welcome Garden: $5,000
Permanent garden planters at entrance to building
1 year recognition 

Instructor/Demo Cooking Station: $5,000
In cooking classroom, central demonstration station
1 year of recognition

Training Space: $5,000
Office side of the building used for training, events, and tours
1 year of recognition

Garden Shed: $5,000Help us build it!
Structure to store garden & maintenance supplies
3 years of recognition  

Kid’s Tool Shed: $5,000Help us build it!
Structure to hold garden tools & supplies for kid’s classes
3 years of recognition

SOLD – Cooking Station: $2,500 - 4 stations
Station where the kids cook in the classroom
1 year recognition 

Compost STEM Station: $2,500Help us build it!
Working demonstration station, worm bins and more
3 years of recognition 

Hand Washing Station: $2,500Help us build it!
Outside hand washing station for the kids 
3 years of recognition 

Bench: $2,500 – 5 available
Recycled plastic park bench with recognition plaque
5 years recognition

Other $2,500 options: learning circle, veggie washing station, drinking fountain/refill station

Picnic Table: $1,500 – 10 available
Student picnic tables and benches for classes & group meals
2 years recognition

SOLD – Weather Station: $1,250
Includes rain gauge, weather vein, thermometer & sun dial
1 year recognition

Kids in the garden

$50 to $1,000 Opportunities

Donate online for the following options.

Fruit Tree: $1,000 – 11 available
Fruit trees in the student garden
1 year of recognition

SOLD – Chicken Coop: $1,000
A cozy home for our chickens
1 year recognition 

Garden Bed (exclusive): $500 - 3 available 
Exclusive name on one garden bed
1 year recognition  

Garden Bed (non-exclusive): $150 - 3 available
One name on each side of the garden bed is available. 4 per bed. 
1 year recognition

Fence Picket: $100 – 100 available
Can personally paint/letter for placement in the garden. Great as a gift!
1 year recognition

Garden Stake: $50 – 200 available
Can personally paint/letter for placement in the garden. Great as a gift!
1 year recognition

Girl juicing lemon

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