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Geniuses Wanted
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This intensive training will prepare community volunteers to become certified Food Geniuses, equipping them with the skills needed to teach food literacy in their community.


The Food Literacy Academy
Food Literacy Center


The Food Literacy Academy is designed for volunteers to become food literacy educators (we call them Food Geniuses) in the Sacramento area, with a key focus on South Sacramento, a region targeted by the California Endowment as being of greatest need for nonprofit services to tackle childhood obesity. Many children in our classes live in areas that lack access to fresh produce, and many have never tasted several of the foods we eat in class, including broccoli or plums.

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What you’ll learn

  • Nutrition 101
  • Classroom management and teaching to audiences of varying ages
  • Key lessons and activities to take to your community
  • Classroom recipe development
  • Cooking in a classroom
  • Food safety and official food handlers certificate
  • Food Literacy Center’s food system
  • and lots more

Check out the Toolkit for parents


Course goals

  • Gain an understanding of food’s impact on health, community, and environment
  • Understand why food literacy is needed in our schools and community
  • Learn practical and realistic easy to buy and prepare food in the Sacramento area
  • Become familiar with healthy and affordable food options that minimize community and environmental costs
  • Develop teaching skills to help extend food literacy knowledge to low-income communities in the Sacramento region
  • Encourage food literacy volunteerism

Food Literacy Academy

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