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Wish List


Wish List
Things We Need

Wish List
General information

Things we need

Grocery store gift cards: to purchase food supplies for classroom cooking lessons.

Craft store gift cards: to purchase craft supplies for classroom and activities.

Aprons: our volunteer teachers wear aprons in the classroom as part of our commitment to food safety. Donate your used, vintage, or new aprons.

Kids’ craft supplies: when we’re not cooking with our kids we let them get creative with crayons, glue sticks, popsicle sticks, etc.

General information

Want to help?

Donate! Your financial support helps us provide needed food literacy education to children in the classroom, and to train community leaders in best practices related to education, nutrition and food safety. To make a donation, use our secure online form. For questions, contact Amber K. Stott, Founder & Chief Food Genius at or 916-873-2025.

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