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Food Literacy Center currently provides three programs as part of our commitment to inspiring kids to eat their vegetables: food literacy classes, the Food Literacy Academy, and Food Literacy Corps. 

Our Programs

We teach weekly programs afterschool in low-income elementary schools throughout the Sacramento area. In our classrooms, students learn fruit and vegetable appreciation, how to read nutrition labels, cooking skills and environmental impacts of their food choices – and they have fun.

Our Approach & Philosophy

When kids are taught healthy choices early, they’re more likely to grow up to be health-conscious adults, and importantly they’ll help their parents, teachers and communities to become healthier, too. We use positive reinforcement, getting kids excited about fruits and vegetables through culturally appropriate recipes and hands-on activities. 

Our Goals

Our goals include reducing childhood obesity and improving healthy eating habits among low-income children, increasing environmental stewardship and supporting community development that sustains healthy food choices in communities of highest need. Our goal is also for kids to have fun and develop love for healthy food that creates a lifetime of healthy habits.


Food Literacy Classes

Cooking and nutrition courses for low-income elementary students


Food Literacy Academy

Training for community volunteers to become certified Food Geniuses

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