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Food Literacy Classes


Food Literacy Classes

We teach weekly food literacy programs afterschool in low-income elementary schools throughout the Sacramento area.

“Your Sandwich Can Save the World!” Curriculum

Teaching children with our curriculum Your Sandwich Can Save the World! is our primary objective. By educating through local nonprofits and schools, we help kids develop healthy food habits while they are young. Parents are our secondary audience. Our curriculum inspires kids to bring home what they’ve learned to influence the food choices their families make. We also want parents to learn how to cook and make choices that are good for their families and our planet. Whether we’re doing the teaching ourselves—or giving our curriculum away to partners—we want children and low-income families to have access to our lessons.

Program Evaluation & Results

Our two-part program evaluation is designed to capture kids’ knowledge, attitude and behavior toward healthy food.

2019 Annual Report

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