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For Kids

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Lessons & Curriculum
Lessons for food literacy and hands-on cooking with kids!

Since schools closed in spring 2020 due to COVID-19, we’ve been sharing our previously proprietary curriculum for all students and families. We know our lessons will get your kids into the kitchen and eating their vegetables. Each lesson below includes a video tutorial where kids can cook with us, printable recipes (in English, Spanish, and Hmong), STEM-based lesson plans, activities and more. 

Other learning resources for kids:

Cactus kid

Broccoli Boundaries & Radish Routines
Our 13 step methodology for inspiring kids to eat their veggies!

95% of the elementary kids in our program gleefully taste new fruits and vegetables! They tell us it’s one of their favorite parts of our program. 

What’s the secret to our success?! Parents and caregivers, this note is for you!

Over the years, we have perfected a tried-and-true model that works every time. It’s been proprietary–until now. With COVID affecting the health of so many of us, it’s more important than ever to protect our health by eating well. We want everyone to have access to our model, because it works! 

Food Anatomy Activities for Kids book cover

Book: Food Anatomy Activities for Kids
Donate and receive a book signed by the author, Food Literacy Center founder and CEO, Amber Stott.

Let’s become food scientists & explorers!

Our founder, Amber Stott wrote a book! Food Anatomy Activities for Kids is like traveling with a passport through the history of food: we explore fruits, veggies, nuts, and grains–the foods early gatherers would have eaten. In every chapter, kids take their learning into the kitchen to create experiments you can eat! 

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