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Recipe Lindsey Dahms-Nolan, Grade 8

Kids’ Food Literacy Sandwich Contest: “Untitled”

Semi-finalist 6-8 Grade

Name: Lindsey Dahms-Nolan

Age: Not given

Grade: 8

School: Natomas Charter School

Entry: “Untitled”

I believe that this sandwich is literate because it includes most of the five food groups, making it very well-balanced.  The cheese is a dairy product, but also has a little bit of protein which is great for kids because milk strengthens your bones and protein rebuilds muscle.  It also has tomatoes (fruits) and roasted red peppers and spinach (vegetables), all of which are very healthy because they are fruits and vegetables, but the tomato and spinach are raw, so you get all of the nutrients.  Even though the bread is a bit refined, it still has carbohydrates necessary for an active child’s diet.  I believe that my sandwich can change the world.


  • Jack cheese
  • Tomatoes
  • Spinach
  • Roasted red peppers
  • Organic pepper sauce (sold at Dad’s Kitchen)
  • Sourdough bread


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