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Recipe Griffin, Kindergarten

Kids’ Food Literacy Sandwich Contest: “My Favorite Sandwich”

FINALIST: Kids’ Food Literacy Sandwich Contest

Name: Griffin

Age: 4 3/4

Grade: Kindergarten

School: McKinley Montessori School

Entry: “My Favorite Sandwich”

I like the avocado because I like guacamole and guacamole is made of avocado. The cucumber is good because we grew it. The bread is good because it’s homemade (and smells yummy). I like tomatoes because they are red and red food is good for you.

This is a good sandwich to make because it has lots of vegetables and sauce, and no animal products. If we don’t eat animal products, there can be enough food for the homeless people.


Avocado, tomato, cucumber on homemade bread. With vegan mayo and mustard.


  1. First, cut the bread.
  2. Put the mayo on one side and the mustard on the other side.
  3. Then cut the avocado in half and get the pit out. Put slices of avocado in.
  4. Get your tomato and cut into chunks and sprinkle it on.
  5. Get your cucumber and shred its peel off if you want it off. Cut up and put on the sandwich.
  6. Put everything on the mustard bread and put the mayo bread on top.

That’s how you make it.


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