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Isabel Matick

Volunteer Profile: Isabel

Being a small nonprofit, we depend on our dedicated volunteers!  Classroom volunteers help our Food Geniuses deliver top-quality food literacy classes in 8 elementary schools every week. Special event volunteers help us host fundraisers like the Sacramento Food Film Festival.

Want to know more and why they love to help the kids? We are profiling a few volunteers to share their stories.

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What is your name?
Isabel “Izzy” Matick

What is your occupation?
Project Manager for Post Modern Marketing (a digital agency in Sacramento)

How long have you been a volunteer?
Going on 4 years! 

What do you do for Food Literacy Center? 
I volunteer at special events in the classroom and work on the planning committee for the Sacramento Food Film Festival.

Why do you volunteer your time with Food Literacy Center?
I think the mission to bring food literacy/knowledge to young children to bring home to their families is an integral part of the community and this type of personal, on-the-ground effort is important in sustaining health and wellness.

What is your favorite part of volunteering with us?
Seeing the kids faces as they try new food and identify which food they like to bring home to their families. Being able to inform my community of this mission and that volunteering inspired me to start my own garden!

Tell us about your favorite moment or memory while volunteering with us.
I had a group of three boys decide they didn’t want to try a chef created bite at the Veggie of the Year competition. I asked which of them had to try the bite to get the others to follow and two of the boys looked right at the third! So I coaxed him to try and they all tried it! It just shows that one person can make a difference and turn kids into Food Adventurers.

What is your favorite fruit or veggie?
Fruit: Peaches and raspberries. Veggie: Cucumbers and Brussels sprouts!

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