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Kids with broccoli

Let’s Share Joy! It Builds Resilience.
Letter from the CEO

At Food Literacy Center, we have a reputation for spreading joy. We do this with great intention. Research shows that joy builds resilience. 

This Food Literacy Month, we invite you to share in our joy! Times are hard for everyone right now, and we could all use a little joy. Joy is actually good for your health!–almost as good as broccoli! 

“Resilience” is a word that’s thrown around a lot during this pandemic. It means building skills to cope with stress. Building resilience means you can bounce back quicker and healthier when you experience hard times. 

The children we serve at Food Literacy Center experience too much stress–even prior to the COVID crisis. Food and nutrition insecurity are stressful, because you can’t count on having enough food every day. Living in poverty is stressful, because you might not be able to afford school supplies. Long-term stress and trauma can lead to chronic diseases–the kinds we are trying to prevent by eating our veggies.

So, to help our kids combat the stress they face, we have a rule at Food Literacy Center: We show up with joy! 

Little moments of joy, like receiving our healthy Recipe Kits, or taking our cooking classes, can help kids recover from the effects of stress and make them more resilient. 

Your participation in this campaign as a cheerleader, a donor, or a volunteer, can help you build resilience, too. We all need a little joy as we face a collective national crisis. 

Lettuce share joy in this moment! This Food Literacy Month, cheer on our chefs! Smile along with our veggie puns! Feel the joy of supporting a child in our community! Let’s build resilience together. 

With joy,

Amber Stott
CEO & Chief Food Genius
Food Literacy Center

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