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Meredith Pelto

Meredith Pelto
Food Literacy Corps Member

What is your educational background?
I earned a Hospitality Business degree from Michigan State University in 2017.

In which schools are you currently serving?
John Cabrillo, Leataata Floyd, PS7, and Parkway Elementary Schools

Why did you choose to do a year of AmeriCorps service?
I wanted to gain experience working with kids in the nutrition field and get to serve while doing it! Americorps was a perfect opportunity to do a gap year after college while working for a good cause.

Favorite moment in the classroom so far?
When I see the kids attitudes changed towards healthy eating! Some are so adamant that they won’t like it but once they try it they literally beg for more!

What is the most interesting fruit and/or vegetable you’ve tried this year?

How have you grown, or what skills are you stretching into?
 have learned classroom management skills, teamwork, confidence with public speaking, and how to relate with kids.

What do you plan to do with the skills you gain at Food Literacy Center?
I hope to take what I’ve learned here and bring it with me to my next job as  I explore different realms of the food systems and positive changes we can make together for a healthier world

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