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Isaac with students

Isaac Gonzalez
Board Member

Owner – Diysl Consulting

Isaac Gonzalez is a lifelong resident of Sacramento and grew up in the Meadowview neighborhood. Isaac owns Diysl Consulting, a specialty public relations company that focuses on culturally competent community outreach and working with hard-to-reach, diverse populations. Isaac is committed to volunteerism and service and is a member of several local organizations, including the Sacramento YMCA, NAMI Sacramento, the American Cancer Society of Sacramento, and his local neighborhood association, the Tahoe Park Neighborhood Association. 

Isaac’s parents and grandparents arrived in California as migrant farm workers. They instilled in him a strong work ethic and provided deep insights into the passion and sacrifice it takes to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to our tables. For years, Isaac’s family refused to purchase grapes because of the harsh conditions for the workers who picked them. Through boycotting efforts like those, farm workers experience improved conditions and expanded rights than they did just a few decades ago.

Isaac is the proud father of two children, Madeline and Ryan. They enjoy planting sunflowers, watermelons, pumpkins, and corn in their front yard raised garden beds. 

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