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Felicia James
Board Chair

Associate Vice President, Carollo Engineers, Inc.

Felicia James, born in Folsom, California – home of the Rainbow bridge – loves the idea of eating the rainbow in vegetables (and fruits)! In order to avoid food allergies at the family table, she learned the art of cooking from scratch so that she could have control of the ingredients in each meal. This experience taught her how tasty and healthy fresh ingredients could be. Felicia enjoyed watching her two kids become adventurous and self-sufficient in the kitchen as they grew up. Now, she is excited to be part of an organization that empowers young kids to experience the triumphs of making tasty and nourishing meals with their own hands from ingredients fresh from the earth!

When not in the kitchen or dabbling in her garden, Felicia works in Sacramento as a civil engineer. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from Stanford University and her Master’s from the University of Texas at Austin.

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