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Erica Holland headshot

Erica Holland
Board Member

Creative & Plant Consultant

Erica Holland is a free-spirited, creative soul from the Bay Area, but currently residing in Sacramento, CA. She’s a freelance Creative Director and work-from-home mom of four wonderful boys! As a lover of the Arts and Nature, Erica dabbles in everything from photography, painting, graphic design, cooking, growing her own fruits & veggies while maintaining a massive plant collection. She enjoys solving problems through creativity, discovering new things, and meeting new and progressive people.

Erica has been fortunate to work and thrive in a creative entrepreneurial space for the past 6 years as a blogger and social media marketing influencer. Erica’s experiences have allowed her to express her vast array of interests including her love for Food Literacy Center and urban gardening tips for beginners. She’s excited to be apart of an organization that is working towards expanding access to nutrition, fresh fruits, and vegetables in low-income communities. 

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