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Elise Bauer
Emeritus Board Member

Founder, Simply Recipes

Elise Bauer is the founder and publisher of, an award winning, popular food blog focused on simple, wholesome home cooking. Elise is considered a pioneer in the blogging field, having started Simply Recipes in 2003. Elise curates, a tutorial site for food bloggers, as well as produces, a recipe search engine that searches over 3000 high quality food blogs. Elise is a veteran of Silicon Valley and Apple, Inc. She has a B.S. degree in Environmental Earth Science, an M.A. in Food Research, and an M.B.A., all from Stanford University.

“Kids are naturally curious. The best time to teach them about food—where it comes from, how to cook it, if it’s good for you— is now, when they are still young and open to the magic of it all. What they learn today can help them build healthy habits for life.”

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