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Rebekah Latronica

Beck Latronica
Garden Educator

Beck joined Food Literacy Center in 2021 as a Garden and Cooking Educator. They believe that teaching others how to grow their own food and prepare it at home is a powerful way to build healthier and more resilient communities.

Rebekah has two years of experience working in community health in Sacramento. They have a wealth of knowledge in youth nutrition education program development and implementation and have coordinated youth programs in over 150 classrooms across Sacramento! Rebekah has enjoyed teaching nutrition lessons and leading healthy cooking demonstrations with youth of all ages. Their passion for gardening grew along with their plants as they cultivated their own backyard garden. They are excited to help transform Food Literacy Center’s student gardens into a thriving garden space and use it to nourish students and community members with both food and hands-on learning opportunities.

Rebekah holds a Bachelor of Arts in Public Health which they received from the University of California, Merced. They are currently pursuing a Masters in Public Health at the University of California, Berkeley

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