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Why Become a Member of the Food Literati?
Join the Food Literati today!

We’re peachy pleased that you asked! Of the 999,999,001 reasons to become a member, we’ve selected 5 of our favorites:

1.We won’t take money from McDonald’s, so we really need it from you!

We’ve got strong principles. We don’t take funding from Big Junk Food, so we rely heavily on support from individuals like you.

2. It’s not just a donation—it’s a grassroots action!

When you give to Food Literacy Center, your dollars are immediately put to work teaching kids about cooking and nutrition. 2,400 kids per year—to be exact.

We take our action to the streets through community-impact efforts, such as free documentary films like Fed Up at the Sacramento Food Film Festival, passing legislation to declare September Food Literacy Month, and providing community education through classes and lectures.

3. FREE volunteers!

For every $5 donated, we are able to match it with $1 of volunteer service. We have only 3 paid staff—and over 90 active volunteers.

We scale our program by training community members as Food Literacy Geniuses, equipped to educate the next generation. In less than 2 years, we’ve trained 57 geniuses!

4. All the cool, fun, smart people are doing it!

Food Literati get it! They read all the latest food research and understand how broken our food system is, and how much work we have to do to fix it. They know this starts with an educated public that knows how to cook, where their food comes from and that vegetables can save the world!

They also know that, together, the food literati can enact powerful change that one of us cannot do alone.

Plus, they make the best potluck dishes and wear the hippest watermelon tees! 

5.These adorable kids benefit!

When you donate, you create magical learning moments in our classroom! Here are some of the things our kids told us they learned in food literacy class:

“The difference between a fruit and vegetable is that fruits have seeds.”

“Organic farming doesn’t use pesticides. It uses owls.”

“Jelly is not a fruit.”

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