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Student Farm & Garden at Food Literacy Center

Located directly behind our cooking school, will be a 2-acre multi-use, outdoor classroom operated by Food Literacy Center. Our farm was designed with one goal in mind: encouraging children to eat their vegetables.

Urban Farm & Garden Rendering The open space, designed to improve child health, is for students and families to learn, play, and explore in an urban lot that was once vacant. This site compliments our existing cooking and nutrition programs by allowing students to grow food and engage in active play. 

Studies show that access to green space is directly linked to human health–improved mental health, focus, creativity, academic performance, reduction of anxiety, and more. 

Children who spend time in nature benefit from improved brain function–even more than adults. Like healthy eating, the exposure kids have at a young age matters. Studies show that 50 to 70 percent of children’s behavior is caused by environmental factors. We are creating a supportive environment that addresses the whole child to ensure our students’ success in and out of the classroom by setting them up for a healthy future. 

Programs in the garden:

  • School day garden curriculum for Leataata Floyd Elementary students
  • Field trips for schools throughout SCUSD and the community
  • Family picnics in the garden combined with cooking classes
  • Community education and open garden days

Garden Features
The multi-use outdoor classroom is designed to celebrate California’s abundance of local food, its native plants, and even farm animals. 

  • Kitchen garden beds, such as the pizza garden, herb gardens and edible flowers
  • Paths for walking, running, and active play inspired by California rivers
  • Shade structures that serve as outdoor classrooms and gathering spaces
  • Water features to replicate the sounds of nature
  • Farm animals, such as chickens and a mini donkey
  • Southern California cactus garden
  • Sierra Nevada mountain adventure loop
  • Central Valley agricultural micro-farms featuring California crops
  • Outdoor cooking stations and pizza oven
  • And more! 

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To learn more about the project, email Amber Stott, CEO.

Urban Farm & Garden Rendering

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