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Staying Healthy in Times of Crisis
Letter from our CEO

Reaching Our Kids 
As we build our STEM-based classroom lessons into online distance learning tools, our commitment to our students remains firm. Our goal is to reach the children we have been serving for a decade–and if you’re in Iowa or San Diego, you can now join, too! 

We have been communicating with principals in the Title 1 schools we serve to provide our curriculum in a format that’s useful for our students. On Friday, I volunteered to serve school lunch during laptop pickup. Families are receiving a laptop to take home so students can continue their coursework. 

Food Access & Staying Healthy
Our team is communicating across the food access network to determine what services are not yet being filled. We are working collaboratively to share resources and build new solutions to the problems that emerge as the stay-at-home order lengthens. 

This week, California’s Surgeon General released a playbook of recommendations to stay healthy, including: “Ensure you are getting proper nutrition to help combat stress.” 

Here are some tips to maintain the nutrition of your family:

We are proud to continue serving our students and their families during this challenging time. Please support our efforts by donating today.

In health, 

Amber Stott
CEO & Chief Food Genius
Food Literacy Center

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