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Eat with the Seasons

Radish Routine #4
Eat with the Seasons

We live in food paradise! Sacramento, California has a four-season growing year, so we’re spoiled with freshly harvested produce year-round. We believe that eating seasonally, as often as possible, changes people’s experiences with food. 

Have you ever eaten a tomato in the middle of winter? You know the ones—they’re more orange than red and they bounce without cracking. They also lack flavor. But what about eating a tomato in summer? They burst with juices, and their aroma intoxicates. Which tomato would you rather eat? 

Kids have heightened senses, and they can smell a rotten tomato a mile away. If your kid is eating a tomato in the middle of winter and they tell you they don’t like tomatoes, they’re right! Those tomatoes are hard to adore. But if you’re introducing them to a tomato in summer, at the peak of ripeness, they’re more likely to fall in love. 

Kids have visceral memories of their food experiences, so we want to give them the best ones available. I once asked a group of second graders to describe eating a blueberry in winter. One girl told me, “Its skin is all baggy.” It’s hard not to yuck that yum! 

I asked the same kids to describe eating a peach in summer. One girl said, “the juices all come out and spill onto your chin.” Kids remember! Let’s give them more of these memorable experiences. Whenever possible, eat what’s in season.

Pro tip for families in colder climates: frozen veggies and dried fruits are also a great way to explore new foods in winter.

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