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In Praise of Health Prevention
Letter from our CEO

People around the world are hypervigilant about preventing the spread of COVID-19. It’s important work, though it is not a mindset to which we’re accustomed. In America, we spend the majority of our healthcare budget on treating problems once they happen. 

Right now, we are focused on the opposite end of the healthcare spectrum: keeping people healthy before they get sick in the first place. We may never know how important our stay-at-home contributions were to the overall health of our community, because it will be measured by what did NOT happen.

This same health prevention mindset is why we’re focused on inspiring kids to eat their vegetables. You can’t cure a cough overnight by eating your carrots. Our work takes a long view on children’s health. We are banking on the fact that kids who eat their veggies today will remain healthier tomorrow–and that we can help prevent the diet-related diseases that currently affect half of all Americans. That’s why our work must continue during this crisis. You can find our latest curriculum online. We are producing two new lessons each week.

I’m proud of the community members who have taken the commitment to stay home to keep themselves and others safe. I’m hopeful that we all have a new understanding of and appreciation for health prevention. It is going to be a long haul. This kind of work takes patience and it takes time. We will never know the toll the virus could have taken had we not stayed home. 

In health, 

Amber Stott
CEO & Chief Food Genius
Food Literacy Center

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