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Megan Burritt
Board Member

Megan has dedicated her career to the food industry and has constantly advocated for sustainable practices. Before earning her MBA with an emphasis in Sustainable Business from Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco, Megan had taken on roles such as the Sustainability, Training, and Front of House Manager for Clementine Foods, a family-owned bakery-cafe; and the Sustainability Project Client in Operations for CleanFish, Inc. Most recently, Megan was the West Coast Regional Procurement Director of Blue Apron, the meal delivery service providing its customers with original recipes and the pre-proportioned ingredients to make them. Megan has a passion for quality food that’s cultivated in a way that makes sense for the overall wellness of our environment and society.


“Food Literacy Center encourages children to eat their vegetables and so much more. This inspiring team provides our future generation with the tools and insight to look at food from a perspective different than what you or I had taken on in our youth. I am thrilled to be taking part in such important work.”

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