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Holiday farmers market

Kids Holiday Farmers Market
140 students go home with 1,288 pounds of fresh produce

This week Food Literacy Center hosted the Kids Holiday Farmers Market sponsored by Nugget Markets. We sent 140 students home over winter break with 1,288 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables so they can continue practicing the healthy habits they learn in food literacy class.

Student getting fruit By sending these students home with fresh produce, they can continue practicing the healthy habits that we have helped them develop in food literacy class. They shop for fresh ingredients, learn how to advocate for veggies at home and in school, and take home a soup recipe and kit made with spice packets donated by the Allspicery. They use the veggies they shop for to recreate a healthy meal at home with their family. 

View the Kids Holiday Farmers Market photo album.

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We are grapefruit grateful for our sponsors:

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