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Katsura Omori & Amber Stott

Katsura Omori Visits Food Literacy Center
June 25, 2018

We were honored to host a lunch for Katsura Omori, Professor and Researcher of Nutrition Education & Health Education at Yamagata University in Japan! She has been tasked with building a Center for Food Literacy at the university to help better educate middle school children in health and nutrition.

We shared our curriculum, enjoyed talking about the success and challenges of getting kids to eat their vegetables here in Sacramento and the education and food programs in Japan’s Yamagata prefecture. She even shared a 5th/6th grade workbook that has great visuals for things like how to boil eggs and use a knife.

It’s wonderful to share knowledge with experts in the field who have worked internationally!

Food Literacy Center Staff and Katsura Omori

How to cook an egg in a Japanese course bookKnife skills in a Japanese course book

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