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Literati Teams

Food Literati Fundraising Teams 2022
Vote with your dollars and help our kids!

September is Food Literacy Month and we are celebrating by raising awareness and funds to empower kids to make healthy choices! We are joined by an incredible line-up of Food Literati Leaders and sponsors that are fundraising in September. 

Follow the links for each team below to contribute to their fundraising campaign. 

Donate to: Team Mushroom Team Mushroom

Matching funds up to $5,000 provided by UC Davis Health!

Chef Santana Diaz, Executive Chef, UC Davis Health

Jackie Hadley, Food Literacy Center Staff Member
Betty Low, Food Literacy Center Board Member
Felipe Espino, Volunteer & Supporter
Ian Hadley, Volunteer & Supporter
Annie Williams, Volunteer & Supporter
Delsey StJohn, Volunteer & Supporter
Keilani Paneda, Volunteer & Supporter


Donate to: Team RadishTeam Radish

Matching funds up to $5,000 provided by Dignity Health!

Chef Yolanda, The Central Kitchen Food Truck, Nutrition Services

Amber Stott, Food Literacy Center CEO
Felicia James, Food Literacy Center Board Chair
Tina Macuha, Volunteer & Supporter
Kim Kaplan, Volunteer & Supporter
Judy Brown, Volunteer & Supporter
Catie Thompson, Volunteer & Supporter
Sean Timberlake, Volunteer & Supporter
Kat Madru, Volunteer & Supporter
Gabriel Aiello, Volunteer & Supporter



Donate to: Team Squash Team Squash

Matching funds up to $5,000 provided by Dignity Health!

Chef Adrian Day-Murchison, Product Development Chef, Calavo Growers Inc

Sabrina White, Food Literacy Center Staff Member
Ellen Brown, Food Literacy Center Board Member
Sara Fung, Volunteer & Supporter
Jennifer Ablog, Volunteer & Supporter
Sneha Chand, Volunteer & Supporter
Natalie, Volunteer & Supporter
Mai Err Chang, Volunteer & Supporter
Courtney Young, Volunteer & Supporter



Donate to: Team Cauliflower Team Cauliflower

Matching funds up to $2,500 provided by Sutter Health!

Chef David Edgar, Culinary Manager, Vacaville Unified School District

Evelyn Morales, Food Literacy Center Staff Member
Ranna Prajapati,  Food Literacy Center Staff Member
Dave Schulte, Food Literacy Center Staff Member 
Anna Rosembaum, 
Food Literacy Center Board Member
Mical K. Shilts, Volunteer & Supporter
Laura Quinones-Neri, Volunteer & Supporter 
Jeanie Ward Waller, 
Volunteer & Supporter
Bekka Rosenbaum, Volunteer & Supporter
Danielle Baham, Volunteer & Supporter
Lori Morales, Volunteer & Supporter
Tawney Lambert, Volunteer & Supporter



Donate to: Team Collard Greens Team Collard Greens

Matching funds up to $5,000 provided by Whole Foods!

Chef Ed Roehr​, Executive Chef, Magpie Cafe

Rebekah Latronica, Food Literacy Center Staff Member 
Adriana Guzman, Food Literacy Center Staff Member 
Shayne, Volunteer & Supporter
Samantha Lysaythong, Volunteer & Supporter
Rosa Cabrera, Volunteer & Supporter
Hope, Volunteer & Supporter
Bailey Latronica, Volunteer & Supporter
Silvana Procida, Volunteer & Supporter


Tangerine thank you to SMUD for your watermelon wonderful support!


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