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Veggie Recipe Kit

Food Adventure Meal Kit

In 2020, our pandemic pivot replaced our in-person cooking classes with take-home STEM recipe kits.

When schools reopened in 2021, we suspended this service to return to classrooms. But parents went to school principals begging for the return of our fresh vegetable kits. Requests were so high that we brought this program back, unfunded, almost immediately. In 2023, we passed out 50-75 kits at a different school each week. Each kit serves a family of four. Demand is high! The average distribution time: 8 minutes! 

Our Veggie Recipe Kits include: 

– Fresh veggie ingredients for kids to make a healthy recipe to serve a family of 4
– Farmers Market, Market Match and P-EBT benefit information
- Video links demonstrating the recipe

Good nutrition remains a vital priority especially during stressful times. When we’re healthy, our immune systems are stronger. Help us ensure our kids are well nourished this summer.

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