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Post Food Literacy Center
Students feeding sheep

Farm Animals Latest Addition to Urban Farm

This week, we welcomed 3 sheep and 3 goats to the farm! They’ll be staying with us for a few months to help reduce weeds, help us better understand how to care for animals long-term on the farm, and to give the students in our gardening classes a chance to feed them, pet them, and interact with them.

Introducing Crystal, Olivia, Sheila, Gretchen, Laura, and Lavender, whose name was decided by Leataata Floyd Elementary students via popular vote.

While these animals are on loan from a local farmer, animals have always been part of our plan for the farm. The students we serve at Food Literacy Center have a range of adverse experiences, including food insecurity, poverty, and more.

Studies show that interaction with animals can have positive wellness benefits. Petting, feeding, and touching animals provides a comforting tether to the present moment. They help calm us and can help us become more social. Connection with animals produces oxytocin.

The kids absolutely love the farm animals, and they love the kids, too!

Special thanks to Michael Ackley-Grady with AG Livestock for the live animal loan!

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