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Post Food Literacy Center
Student chef coats and aprons

Fall Cooking and Garden Lessons Start in our New Center

Our brand new center welcomed its first class of Leataata Floyd Elementary students for fall! They’ll each receive 10-weeks of hands-on cooking and gardening lessons during their school day. 

For the first cooking lesson, we kicked off with a tried-and-true recipe, a Seasonal Sunbutter and Fruit Sandwich. In the students’ first week, they learned to swap the fruit jelly for fresh fruit — a big broccoli step towards healthy eating! In the garden, they learned how food is grown and engaged in active play. 

In our hands-on cooking classes students learn healthy eating habits like how to add a fruit or veggie to their meals. Educating students about healthy eating while also learning how to make tasty recipes like Ramen Noodles or Veggie Spring Rolls greatly motivates students to learn more about the food they eat and how it benefits their growing bodies!

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