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Stop Hiding Vegetables

Broccoli Boundary #4
Stop Hiding Vegetables

It’s time to stop hiding vegetables. It sends a message to our kids that vegetables are the worst. We must hide them, because having them out in plain sight is offensive. Who could bear to eat their spinach without grinding it to oblivion and hiding it behind bananas? Adults love to “trick” their kids into eating their vegetables, which tells kids that vegetables are a cruel joke being played on them rather than a delicious favor being bestowed upon them. 

When we hide beets in brownies, we’re accidentally training our kids to eat brownies, not beets. At Food Literacy Center, we don’t hide vegetables. As part of their taste education, we encourage kids to experience veggies in their full glory. We get them excited by the possibilities of texture, tint, and taste by offering a wide variety in every class. 

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