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Check Your Diet at the Door

Broccoli Boundary #1
Check Your Diet at the Door

Want your child to be a Food Adventurer? Want them to get excited to try new foods? We ask all our staff and volunteers to start with this Broccoli Boundary: Check your diet at the door. 

In our schools, we work with children who don’t have enough food at home. We don’t want to shame anyone for the foods they eat. This work isn’t about vegans or keto or any of that. It’s about adding healthy, tasty fruits and veggies to kids’ lives. These are foods kids don’t get enough of–in fact, only 4% of kids are protecting their health by eating enough of them. 

Diets send signals about what we won’t eat. Diets take foods away. Becoming a Food Adventurer is about being open to trying new things. It’s about adding all the exciting colors and flavors of fruits and veggies! 

We want kids to understand that some foods are better for us than others, and that we should eat certain foods more often than others—and we’ll get to that. But as we start this journey with our elementary students, our primary goal is to get kids eating more fruits and vegetables. So, check your diet at the door. 

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