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Big Day of Giving

Big Day of Giving 2021
24 Hours to Help Kids

Our kids need YOU! Since schools closed last year due to COVID-19, food and nutrition insecurity have increased among our elementary students. We’ve continued weekly distributions of Veggie STEM Boxes with all the healthy veggie ingredients to cook a homemade meal for 4. The kit includes a printed recipe, lesson plan and activity.

Now that some students are returning to school, we are headed back to in-person classes. We’re partnering with afterschool programs in low-income elementary schools to bring free food literacy class back to our kids. 

“I think food literacy is so important. I try lots of new food and that makes me smart! I even help my little brother try new food too!” - Jade, 1st grade

Help us continue to reach more than 100 students and their families each week with our free take-home Veggie STEM Boxes and in-person afterschool classes. Donate now

Girl eating recipeWhat YOU Can Do

NOW: Schedule a donation today.

Become a fundraiser and recruit your friends and family to support Food Literacy Center. Read the detailed directions

DONATE: at on May 6.

Double Your Impact

Your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $5,750 thanks to Green Acres Nursery & Supply, Frans DeBry Fund, and Food Literacy Center board members. 

Use your Golden1 debit or credit card and they will also match up to $50,000.

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  • Erik Johnson, Board Member, Food Literacy Center
  • Stacey Kauffman, Board Member, Food Literacy Center
  • Tawney Lambert, Board Member, Food Literacy Center

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