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Kara  Heckert

Sn 2, Ep. 7: Farm Politics
Kara Heckert

This week, I speak with Kara Heckert, a regional director at the nonprofit American Farmland Trust. Its mission is to save America’s farms and ranches. Kara works there on agricultural sustainability and natural resource conservation in California. America’s farmers are facing some very real challenges right now. Wildfires, drought, loss of farmland, and a history of discrimination. In this episode, we look more closely at all these issues. 

“Supporting our local agriculture and farmland needs to be looked at as a public health issue. Local food is seen as healthier… local farming is better for the climate… there’s all sorts of benefits.” 

Sn. 2 Ep. 7: Kara Heckert

Ready for more? Check out resources from today’s guest.

American Farmland Trust: Facebook //Instagram // Website

Kara Heckert: LinkedIn

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