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Michael Bosworth

Sn 2, Ep. 6: The Rice Farmer
Michael Bosworth

In this week’s episode, I talk about rice with farmer Michael Bosworth. Michael is a different kind of rice farmer. While the majority of California rice is grown for sushi, Michael has shifted to nurturing unique varieties of grains grown less with a focus on yield and instead with a focus on flavor. His new company, True Origin Foods, was a small idea before the pandemic hit. 

Today, with the rise in home cooking and the growing consumer desire to buy local, Michael’s business model is thriving. Michael Bosworth is founder and CEO of Next Generation Foods, and co-founder of his newest venture, True Origin Foods, an artisan rice and pantry staple food brand. He’s a California farmer, born and raised! 

Sn 2, Ep. 6: Michael Bosworth

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