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Lisa Lin

Sn 1, Episode 6: Lisa Lin
Cooking Chinese Food with Mama Lin

Since 2014, Lisa Lin of the recipe site, Healthy Nibbles, has featured healthy recipes like avocado toast with orange honey shrimp or easy blueberry smoothies. Hailing from America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital, turning farmers market crops into healthy meals comes easily to her. 

A few years ago, Lisa started including something special on her website: her mom! Some of Lisa’s most popular recipes are classic Chinese dishes she’s learned from her mom, like scallion pancakes. 

Sn 1, Episode 6: Promo

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Lisa Lin: Instagram // Facebook // Pinterest // Twitter

Healthy Nibbles Website

Trends in US Home Food Preparation

According to a Pew Research study, 80% of home cooks are mothers. 

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