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Thank You, Community!

Food Literacy Center exists because of YOU! Thank you for caring.

High-fives to the following supporters:

Pomegranate Design: provides pro-bono graphic design for marketing material!

Savemart Supermarkets: donates produce for our weekly school and library programs!

Josh Schramm: designed our amazing logo!

Pat Soberanis: designed materials for our first program, “Your Sandwich Can Save the World!” She also helped coordinate production for the Web site.

Kristin Thébaud Communications: provides pro-bono research, writing, and PR consulting!

Johanna Carson: designed our inspiring printable seed packets!

Heather Teoh: provides pro-bono research, writing, and recipe development!

Art Institute of Sacramento web design students Emalee Clarizio and Jaclyn Mamuzich, with direction from professor Bill Mead: designed this fantastic Web site, with all its bells and whistles, as their senior project.

Activate Direct: donates software that will enable us to communicate with our supporters. donates t-shirts for our classroom teachers to wear.

Chef Tina Jo: shares her healthy, delicious recipes with us.

Thanks and hugs to our friends, family, and volunteers who make it possible for us to provide food education to California!

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