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Blogger Collective

Food bloggers represent a powerful media force in the overall public dialog about food. Few groups write and talk about food more than this devoted community.

By partnering with bloggers, Food Literacy Center leverages the power of their collective voices to have a positive impact on sustainable food system education in our communities.

You will find many blogger voices on our own blog as guest writers and recipe developers. We’re grateful for their support!

If you’re a blogger interested in becoming part of our growing Food Literacy Blogger Collective, let us know! We’ll send you a short application to learn more about your commitment to this important food movement.

Take part in the Food Literacy Sandwich Blogger Campaign! 

September is Food Literacy Month!  Bloggers are invited to create a Food Literacy Sandwich and blog about it in the month of September. We will share your recipe & story on social media!  For more info see our Blogger Food Literacy Sandwich campaign.

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