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General information

Things we need

Grocery store gift cards: to purchase food supplies for classroom cooking lessons.

Craft store gift cards: to purchase craft supplies for classroom and activities.

Aprons: our volunteer teachers wear aprons in the classroom as part of our commitment to food safety. Donate your used, vintage, or new aprons.

Kids’ craft supplies: when we’re not cooking with our kids we let them get creative with crayons, glue sticks, popsicle sticks, etc.

Linens: Tablecloths for 8 ft tables in bright colors (the fruitier the print the better!). Ideal colors include: pepper orange, broccoli green, banana yellow, and blueberry blue—the colors of fruit!

Serving Platters: bright, colorful ceramic plates to serve the beautiful food we make with our kid chefs.

Knives: donate new, sharp professional knives for preparing produce for classroom and library programs.

Cutting boards: new cutting boards used for preparing produce for classroom.

Measuring cups/spoons: to give to our kids as gifts for the holiday season.

Stackable Food Storage Containers: for storing leftover produce from lessons and for storing bulk items, like flour.

Stackable Storage Bins: in order to get our produce and supplies to program locations, we store them in bins. We need 12-gallon flip top totes (Depth: 22.25 in.; Width: 15.25 in.; Height: 12.1 in.). Here is an example of what we use.

Collapsible Luggage Carts: to transport storage bins to program locations. 

Compostable Utensils: our Food Geniuses and kids need utensils frequently to stir ingredients, or to eat the yummy treats we make in class. Help us maintain our commitment to being green by donating compostable utensils. We turn them into biofuel or compost when we’re finished using them.

Extension Cords - for accommodating electrical appliances like food processors in schools and libraries.

Power strips - for accommodating electrical appliances like food processors in schools and libraries.

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