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Raw Foodism

Raw foodism is a culinary lifestyle in which ingredients are not heated above 118°F (48°C). Although raw foods can consist of raw fish and carpaccio, many raw food practitioners are vegetarian or vegan, consuming only uncooked and unprocessed plant foods, legumes, nuts, seaweed, sprouts, and soy. They believe that raw food provides optimal nutrition and health benefits since the foods’ enzymes and vitamins are not cooked away by heat. The American Dietetic Association, however, notes that food cooked below 118 degrees may not kill harmful, food-borne bacteria.

Devotees believe that by consuming only raw foods, they will have a leaner body, higher energy, and clearer skin, as well as lowering their risks of disease.

Raw food practitioners use food dehydrators to create crunch to vegetables and cookies, and to dry out fruits for fruit leather. They also refrain from alcohol, caffeine and refined sugars.

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