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Food Literacy Hero

Jamie Oliver, Alice Waters, & Ann Cooper
Food Literacy Heroes

Citrus cartwheels! We are excited to present January’s Food Literacy Heroes: Jamie Oliver, Ann Cooper and Alice Waters.

These Food Literacy Heroes are advocates of our efforts to prevent childhood obesity by teaching low-income kids to eat smart. By visiting Sacramento, the Farm to Fork Capital of America, they recognize the need for food literacy in our community and the importance of spreading food literacy awareness throughout the region. We want to take this opportunity to give a broccoli backflip of thanks to these heroes for their efforts to create a food literate California!

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is a phenomenal chef, and advocate of cooking and nutrition education for kids. He has had great success with many of his television series, including The Naked Chef and Jamie’s Food Revolution.

We recognize Jamie as a Food Literacy Hero because he stands up in support of food literacy education around the globe, but importantly, right here in Sacramento. Today, as his second annual visit to Sacramento, Jamie will visit Pacific Elementary, a school where we hold food literacy education every week.

By supporting food literacy education and our work in the Sacramento area, Jamie is joining us in the ongoing challenge of changing our food system. By serving as a role model to our kids, he helps inspire them to continue eating their vegetables!

“As a celebrity, Jamie’s attention to an issue gives it credibility, helps the public better understand it, and inspires more people to become engaged,” said Amber Stott, founding executive director of Food Literacy Center. “Three chard cheers to him for shining a much-needed spotlight on the need for food literacy in schools!”

“We need to make sure that all kids are given the opportunity to learn about food and good eating habits while they’re still young so that they’re sorted for life.” – Jamie Oliver

Learn more about Jamie Oliver:

Alice Waters

Alice Waters is the chef who set the standard for fresh, California-grown food and a passionate advocate for “a food economy that is ‘good, clean, and fair.’” She has worked tirelessly to promote food literacy education throughout the country through The Edible Schoolyard – a program that promotes gardening, cooking, and sharing school lunch.

We recognize Alice as a Food Literacy Hero because her efforts in the state support our local efforts to teach and empower youth to make healthy food choices.

“Alice Waters has charted the course for the work of nonprofits like ours,” said Stott. “Her leadership and consistent drum beat on healthy, seasonal eating inspires the nation! I’m so grateful that she shines that light on the work happening in Sacramento, too.”

“Teaching kids how to feed themselves and how to live in a community responsibly is the center of an education.” – Alice Waters

Learn more about Alice Waters:

Ann Cooper

Ann Cooper is an internationally recognized chef and advocate of healthy food for all children. She has championed school food reform and developed programs to help get healthier foods in schools.

We recognize Ann as a Food Literacy Hero because, as the “Renegade Lunch Lady”, she has revolutionized what school lunches should look like, and supports our local efforts to improve the foods that are available to our students.

“We need more voices like Chef Ann’s,” said Stott. “She’s not afraid to tackle the big issues of school food. She’s an inspiration to everyone by making these challenges seem surmountable.”

“Healthy school lunches mean students are getting the nourishment they need to power their minds and bodies to learn.” – Ann Cooper

Learn more about Ann Cooper:

Photos courtesy of Marita Madeloni; Madeloni Photography

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