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Food Literacy Hero

Evonne Fisher
Food Literacy Hero

We can’t successfully teach food literacy without the unwavering support of wonderful parents. We’d like to shine a strawberry spotlight on Food Literacy Supermom Evonne Fisher who has gone above and beyond in ensuring her aptly-nicknamed daughter, Pear, gets the best food literacy experience.

Pear has become one of our awesome kid spokespersons at many of our community and press events. Donning her chef’s coat, she has helped local chefs make appetizers and has even appeared on live television next to our Chief Food Genius, Amber. All this is possible because of Supermom Evonne’s loving support and guidance.

“When we met Pear, Evonne was working as an after-school teacher, so she sat in on all our food literacy classes with her daughter. It’s amazing when parents can learn alongside their kids,” says Amber. “Evonne and Pear have encouraged one another’s passion for food literacy ever since. She’s such a strong role model!”

Pear has been attending food literacy classes at a local elementary school for the past three years. Calling her daughter her biggest food inspiration, Evonne said that ever since Pear started classes, her awareness for healthy food has become a part of their family’s lifestyle. She reads nutrition facts while grocery shopping and stays on Evonne about the food she is consuming.

“She became a constant daily reminder of why I should be careful of what I put in my body and that we really are what we eat,” said Evonne.

Evonne feels that food literacy not only benefits the lives of children but it also helps to open parents’ minds to trying new, healthy foods. She said that most adults like herself tend to stick to vegetables they had growing up or have completely given up on vegetables they were forced to eat as a child. Through the Food Literacy Center, they are exposed to new and fun ways to create dishes that are healthy and extremely delicious.

“I never wanted to try artichoke until Pear made an artichoke salad with Ms. Amber on Good Day Sacramento with aioli sauce. It was absolutely amazing,” Evonne said. “My kid had to remind me ‘never say never!’”

It definitely goes both ways. Pear used to be a picky eater before starting food literacy classes. Nowadays, if she is uncertain about a new fruit or vegetable, Evonne will remind her that the foods she used to say “never” to have become something she loves when she tried them in class.

As a Supermom, Evonne reinforces food literacy lessons at home whenever the opportunity arises. They shop at the farmers market and Pear gets her hands dirty in the garden when she visits her grandmothers. Instead of eating fast food, they now recreate their favorite items at home using healthy alternatives such as whole wheat tortillas. Most importantly, they make sure to add a vegetable to every meal and a fruit with breakfast and lunch.

As a busy working parent, Evonne understands that everyone can be extremely tired at the end of the day. However, cooking dinner as a family can be a bonding experience as well as a learning opportunity for the kids.

“Having the children be hands-on in the kitchen helps them explore new foods and become more open to trying new things (because they cooked it) and it gives us parents more help in the kitchen,” Evonne said.

Pear loves to help her Supermom in the kitchen because hands-on cooking is her favorite part of food literacy classes. Evonne might have a future professional chef in her hands as Pear continually demonstrates her passion and fascination for food and cooking. She is affectionately called “Chef Pear” by the team at Food Literacy Center.

“I’m forever thankful and beyond grateful for the Food Literacy team, not only have they helped my single family of two become more aware of a healthy lifestyle but it has encouraged my daughter’s dreams of becoming a chef,” Evonne said.

Supermom Evonne, we are incredibly thankful for you! Thank you for your steadfast support of Food Literacy Center and for reinforcing the food literate lifestyle at home. Supermom Evonne and Chef Pear, you two are quite the terrific tangerine team!

Story by Heather Teoh

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