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2016 Short Film Official Selections

Now in its second year, the Sacramento Food Film Festival Short Film Contest looks forward to showcasing the best of short filmmaking and to screening innovative short films related to our food system. In 2014, the Sacramento Food Film Festival highlighted filmmakers for an outstanding presentation of cinematic excellence and food-centered filmmaking, and we look forward to showcasing even more new talent this year.

Winners will be shown at the Premiere on April 7! Get your tickets now

And the winners are…

Whiteboard PSA by Sacramento New Technology High School students Leticia Perez, Omar Barrera, Kailee Candia

Taste of Vietnam by Daniel Klein & Mirra Fine of The Perennial Plate

Le Kale Project by Dark Rye

Seeding Fear by Craig Jackson

How Does it Grow? Apples by Nicole & Mark Jolly

Food for Thought Food for Life by Susan Rockefeller

Sage Garden Project Kids by Arnie Lerner


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