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Valentine’s Day Treats: Fruits & Veggies Symbolizing Love

This Valentine’s Day, we are celebrating the different fruits and vegetables that symbolize love! In many parts of the world, from ancient times to modern days, fruits and vegetables are used to express love, desire and fertility! They’re not only nutritious, but are meaningful to many ancient and contemporary cultures.


During the Middle Ages, Europeans, believing that apples had aphrodisiac qualities, used the fruit in love rituals. If a woman wanted a man to love her, she would sleep with an apple under her arm and persuade the man to eat it the next day. The belief was that he would fall in love with her after consuming the apple.


In Greek and Roman mythology, figs are associated with Dionysus, the god of wine, and Priapus, a satyr who symbolized sexual desire.


The pomegranate signified marriage to the Romans so brides would wear pomegranate wreaths during weddings. In China, pomegranates symbolize fertility and are given as a wedding gift to mean “a hundred seeds” or rather “a hundred sons.”


In the Victorian language of flowers, the strawberry represents perfection. A double strawberry will bring you love! Legend has it that by breaking a double strawberry in half and sharing it with another person, you will fall in love with each other.


Garlic may seem like an odd choice for romance, but in China, it symbolizes luck and fertility. It was also used as an aphrodisiac by ancient Chinese rulers!


Do you have a secret crush? In Japan, spinach is a symbol of secret love. People would wrap presents in spinach-green paper as an expression of passion.


Carrots are seen as an aphrodisiac and a symbol for fertility. In the 1870s, men in Teheran ate carrots stewed in sugar as an aphrodisiac. In Scotland, they celebrate Domhnach Curran which means Carrot Sunday. Women would go to the fields to procure carrots a few days before the festival of St. Michael. During Carrot Sunday, which occurs the Sunday after the festival, women would give carrots to men, as a fertility symbol.

If you are cooking this Valentine’s Day, these fresh and colorful fruits and vegetables will no doubt enliven any dish! Treat your loved ones to the gift of delicious and nutritious treats! The way to the heart is definitely through the stomach!

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers, you can express your love for family and friends as well! Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids by making this easy and delicious chocolate orange dessert together!

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