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Thank You!

Orange you wonderful! Thank you! You’re among the things we are grapefruit grateful for this year. 

Together, we have begun to change the school food environment for our kids. This work truly takes a village.

Thank you for doing your part!

We’re also grateful for the successes we’ve had this year:

  • Expanded programs to 7 schools
  • Cut the number of kids in our program eating chips by 59%
  • Increased the number of kids in our program eating apples by 49% & carrots by 39%
  • Coordinated 5,000 hours of volunteer support
  • Trained our seventh cohort of community members as Food Geniuses through our Food Literacy Academy, helping us expand our programs. Many Food Geniuses now serve as our lead instructors in the classroom.

We do a LOT with very little. But we need to do even more!

While fruit and vegetable consumption is increasing among kids in our program, across the country, new studies show that vegetable consumption is actually decreasing in American households! Eating vegetables among Americans dropped from an abysmal 6% to an even worse 4% recently.

Our solution brings healthy habits to kids in 7 local low-income schools. Yet, we have a waiting list—and we need to be serving every child. We urgently need to reach more kids! We cannot keep waiting while kids’ health in our country declines.

Please donate today. Help us fund-a-school and provide food literacy to more kids! Thank you!

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