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Sacramento named “The Farm-to-Fork Capital of America”

Join Mayor Kevin Johnson this Wednesday, October 31, at 11:30 a.m. (arrival at 11:00 a.m. encouraged), at a press conference in the Sacramento Certified Farmers’ Market, Caesar Chavez Plaza  where Sacramento will be named “The Farm-to-Fork Capital of America.” We love our food literacy city!

While many cities across the country are engaged in the Farm-to-Fork movement, 70% of the Sacramento region’s land is agricultural and it’s our local farmers who actually provide the farm fresh products to restaurants across the United States. In fact, with more than 7,500 acres of boutique farms in our region, our production, climate and farm-to-table distribution is unparalleled.

The ultimate outcome will help to create an external identity for Sacramento that will better position our region for visitors, increase the profile and profitability of our restaurant and farming community, and foster community pride among residents.

To market and create that identity externally, the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau is designing a week-long culinary celebration for September, 2013.

The focus will be farmers, our regional chefs and restaurant community, our wine region, and the products that are produced locally and distributed nationally. Engaged in this event to date are The California Farm Bureau, The Certified Farmers’ Markets, Darrell Corti, Passmore Ranch, Randall Selland, Patrick Mulvaney, California Food Literacy Center and more than 20 of the region’s top chefs.

Council members Darrell Fong, Jay Schenirer and Angelique Ashby; Randall Selland of Selland Restaurant Group; Paul Wenger, president of the California Farm Bureau; and Steve Hammond of the Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau will be joining Mayor Johnson at the press conference.

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