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Kids + Pizza Making = Messy Fun!

The kids at Capitol Heights Academy had a blast during our monthly cooking lesson a few weeks ago! It also was a lesson in fat, fiber, grains, and carbohydrates. But more importantly, we made pizza!

We started off the lesson reviewing fat, fiber, grains, and carbohydrates, and read a story book donated by Amber Stott’s mom, a librarian: The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza. It was our first time reading in class with the first storybook we’ve owned. The kids were mesmerized by the story, and even the 4th to 5th graders loved the story! While Amber was reading the book, all the kids were the quietest and most attentive that they’ve ever been. We definitely hope to do more reading sessions with the kids! We also had a volunteer drive all the way from San Francisco to help out and learn. It shows that what we’re doing is pretty unique!

Then comes the messy fun! The kids got to make pizza dough and their favorite part was watching the yeast foam in the water. They love anything science-related! Unfortunately the school doesn’t have an oven so the teachers took home the pizza dough. We had the kids make their own English muffin veggie pizzas to snack on instead.

When we talked about fat, Amber asked if they remembered whether you need a lot of fat or a little fat each day. They said “a little!”  Amber asked one girl to demonstrate how much she thought was a little by putting the cheese on her pizza.  She took the smallest pinch–just a few shreds.  The best part? All the other kids followed suit.  We have never seen pizzas with so little cheese!

Amber then asked the kids whether we need a lot or a little fiber and vegetables each day. They said, “a lot!” Amber asked them to demonstrate. Their pizzas were mounded sky high with diced peppers, olives (a favorite), and tomatoes, spilling all over–and which they promptly gobbled up! Kids were sent home with a recipe for them to cook with their parents.

The kids also got to taste persimmons that day thanks to Soil Born Farms!  They are now gleaning some fruit trees for our class. About once a month, they’re going to give us some yummy local fruit for the kids to enjoy. Thank you Soil Born Farms! Capitol Heights Academy and Emilie Beecroft made it possible for us to teach cooking lessons by purchasing the recipe’s ingredients. We are extremely fortunate to be working with such a supportive school!

This was indeed the most fun, and messiest, lesson yet! With your support, we hope to have many more fun and awesome lessons! Help us raise $11,000 by Jan 1 by donating to our campaign.

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