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Jamie Oliver Visits Sacramento

It’s has been more than a week since Jamie Oliver, Ann Cooper and Alice Waters visited Pacific Elementary to cook with our students, and people are still abuzz with energy. Check out what Chef Ann Cooper and others had to say about our amazing day with these celebrity chefs below.

Food Truth: Unplug from the Matrix by Chef Ann Cooper

One of the schools we visited was Pacific Elementary School in Sacramento. Each of the 75 schools in the district has a salad bar in its cafeteria, providing students with access to fresh fruits and vegetables. As school board member Jessie Ryan said: ‘We have a vision that every one of our schools boast a school garden, so each and every one of our kids can make that connection to their food.’”

Food Literacy for Every Child Requires more Training for Adults by Amber K. Stott

“Last week, celebrity chefs Jamie Oliver, Alice Waters and Ann Cooper gathered in Sacramento to visit a local food literacy class. Together, they used their public platform to call for an increase in nutrition and cooking programs for kids because the research is clear: kids need food literacy education.”

Celebrity Chefs Pay a Visit to Sacramento by Marita Madeloni

“They met and cooked with some of the students of the current Food Literacy program at Pacific Elementary, ate a delicious lunch prepared by Food Literacy Center’s Food Geniuses (some of which are chefs at some of the best restaurants in Sacramento) and graciously showed their support for what Food Literacy Center and the California Endowment are doing for our kids here in Sacramento.”

Nine hours with 3 Food Heroes: Ann Cooper, Alice Waters and Jamie Oliver by Mara Fleishman

“The day was pretty typical as far as campaign launches go: meetings with politicians at the California capitol building, a press conference, a trip to Pacific Crest Elementary to see an innovative food education program (Food Literacy Center) in action, more meetings with politicians, and ending the day with a live social media discussion with the three chefs.”

 It was far from a typical day for us! 

Food Truth by Hannah Piercey of The Edible School Yard Project

The students [at Pacific Elementary] and their community represent gardens, kitchens, lunchrooms, and classrooms around the world. that are demonstrating the truths of edible education every day.

Photo provided by Marita Madeloni; Madeloni Photography

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