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Game Time!

Remember when kids played games without a screen being involved? This family game is a hybrid between Hangman and


The Wheel of Fortune.

The general concept of Hangman applies as one participant guesses letters at random to construct a word that the other participant has in mind. In this case, the word would be a fruit or vegetable. Participant A would indicate how many letters the word had. If Participant B predicts a letter correctly, it will count toward building the word.

___ r a ___  e ___

If not, one part of the fruit or vegetable will be sketched for each incorrect letter by Participant A. The Wheel of Fortune aspect comes into play when a timer is used to guess the letters or take a guess from what can be inferred from the sketch. [1609846_608984995818055_1494059209_n[1] (2)]

This game can accommodate a whole family by simply separating into two teams rather than just having two participants. The difficulty can also be adjusted based on the fruit or vegetable selected. For example, “artichoke” might be a good word to stump the other team.

The real fun is deciding the winner’s prize!

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