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Fun Food Games for Kids: What Fruit or Veggie am I?

Fun Food Games for Kids: What Fruit or Veggie am I?

Make eating fruits and vegetables fun for kids by playing games about healthy food with them!

Whether they are asking or answering the questions, this game helps kids to think about the attributes of fruits and vegetables such as the flavor (sweet, sour, bitter, spicy), texture, shape, color, and if there are seeds or not.

It’s a teaching tool that’s not only educational but fun for the whole family!

What Fruit or Veggie am I?

This is a fruit and veggie twist on the classic “who am I?” party game.

Write a different fruit or vegetable on post-its and paste each one on a kid (or adult!).

They will have to ask questions to guess which fruit or vegetable they are by asking only yes and no questions like “am I sweet?” or “am I green?”

Get the whole family involved and let the guessing game begin!

Article by Heather Teoh

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