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Food literacy rises to Great White Heights

On Saturday June 24, fun-loving Sacramentans gathered in Park Tower for Yelp Sacramento’s sold-out event: Great White Heights, featuring the carnivalesque magic of the Damento Davis/Sacramento Jugglers, the pulsing rhythms of DJ Jake D and studio quality photo shoots.

The attendees, donned from head to toe in dazzling white, enjoyed an afternoon of excellent food, drink and entertainment while in awe of the tower’s panoramic view.

Community Manager for Yelp Sacramento, Alex Lane, explained how this event came to fruition: “Amber and I initially discussed the idea of raising funds for the Food Literacy Center last fall. Yelp commonly brings in local nonprofits like the Food Literacy Center as a charity partner at our events and as a way to give back to what we consider to be great causes.”

At this particular event, we asked for a minimum donation of $10 at the door, which went directly towards our educational outreach programs.

Lane elaborated on what led him to choose from the variety of restaurants and breweries in Sacramento: “Yelp events are also about connecting our users with great local businesses, a selection of which we’ve gathered for this event as well. The food and drinks featured are based both on businesses we have a good relationship with and those that were available for this event.”

We had a chance to sample from some of the local vendors including Oopa Yogurt, Calicraft Brewing Co. and Revive Kombucha, to name a few.

Parched from the intense heat of the day, Oopa Yogurt’s berry blend offered us a refreshing confluence of raw, organic blueberry and blackberry flavors that delighted at the moment of impact.

We also tried one of Calicraft’s most popular brews: Cali Coast, a Kolsch ale with a summery aroma and a distinctly light, hoppy aftertaste.

At first glance, Revive Kombucha’s modest assortment of flavors—black tea, coffee and hibiscus—looked good but not particularly unique but upon tasting, we were blown away by their subtle, intricate textures.

Over at our booth, we had folks come talk to us Food Literacy Center volunteer opportunities and also invited them to color paper tomatoes to add to our wall.

Although there were some unforeseen problems that came up with food and beverage supply, one of Lane’s assistants, Ashley North, dubbed the event “a huge success.”

Indeed, the more than 400 attendees frolicked about the loft in their fabulous ermine trappings as if it were no less than a Presidential cocktail mixer.

And after a couple drinks or so, they may have actually believed they were.

Written by Thom Stone, Food Literacy Center Intern

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